CTF365 Labs is a service that helps Security Vendors, Security Training Companies, and InfoSec Organizations deliver perfect trainings for their customers/students by offering easy to use, frictionless security training labs on demand.

Easy to Deploy

Very easy to deploy: Add a name, select a template (you can get as many templates as you need) and push "Create".

Easy to Deploy | CTF365 Labs

Easy to Use

Easy to Use | CTF365 Labs

Fully Customizable

Security Training Labs on Demand can be fully customized with different operating systems, setups, frameworks and can be delivered as white label (on your company's site). The platform will lower your costs, improve student's training experience and transform your trainings into a pleasant experience.

Fully Customizable | CTF365 Labs

Full control

As an instructor you have full control over the labs and each of your students will get his/her own lab to train in. You'll be able to add, delete, create and re-create machines, configure networks, routers and switches.

Full control | CTF365 Labs

Pay as you go

Depends on number of your template laboratories, the size and complexity, there will be one time fee. After that, you'll only pay if in use only and per student. That's it!

Pay as you go | CTF365 Labs

Cost Effective

Having state of the art security training labs for your students/customers is difficult because of the increasing number of new vulnerabilities (adding them to your lab), new OS versions or obsolete OSsoes (e.g. Windows XP). Also, keeping such training labs up to date is costly and requires a lot of man hours. Not to mention the time spent for designing, testing and deploying it. CTF365 developed the perfect platform that takes this pain out of your organization.

Cost Effective | CTF365 Labs